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about dissonance and metaterror

– ongoing new extended film/program –

 » Dismissal is not to attack the institution first, but our need for it. (…) The gesture of dismissal is desertion and attack, elaboration and sacking, and that in the same gesture (…) « — Maintenant, Comité Invisible, éd. La Fabrique, 2017

emancipation from the dominant’s imagination AND action by the bottom >
inner matrix sabotage by multiple bolts AND megamachine desertion >
hopeful lives combinations AND interspecific deaths memories >
transformative justice AND bashback bombs >
reparationS AND répartition >
conflict AND adelphité

totalitarian power    ҉  destitution
atomic technique    ҉  destitution
identity / \ hierarchy    ҉  destitution
to our stolen lives (present, past and future)
This special script started at Festival de Cannes http://www.cannescourtmetrage.com/en/actualites/-19

But …
as we are currently [end of 2021] inside A LOOPHOLE, both organic and techno eyes opened,
and as, let’s say it again: ca p i t a l i s m -colonialism -sexism work⋅s systematically and structurally as a cage for pets,
in this paradigm shift; the agony of a performed fiction
                              the agony of neoliberalism
                                                                   the agony of neoliberalism [take it as a mantra]
                               the agony of neoliberalism
                                the agony of neoliberalism,
against the cultural hegemony (political storytelling), alienating materiality of representation (mediatic performative continuum
of legitimizing institutions creating paralysis), thus assimilation (technocannibalism) and finally annihilation (death of vital energies),
Les DESTITUANTEX choose an autonomous production, creation and diffusion,

acting a collective and plural way out of this (symbolic, institutional, politic) mourning, reactivating our imaginative capacities, living now the begining of our allied transmutationx


// SCUM MUTATION is a personal and collective traumatic testimony in the flesh ov our time/generation, a call for a radical rupture ov our crystallized conditions.

Interview - Annecy International Animation Film Festival

// PHARMAKON can't be chase out ov the social body, nor be erase by any authoritarian drones, it's an ever-reborn rhizome.

// VNS is real life performance for survival, driving out ov control by the embodiment of the alien they want to categorize you ov.