•             experiencing a spiritual transhumance / internal system source reprogramation & shape transformation / cyber molt – reboot in process –            •
2025 <


new futur

– futur extended feature film / collective living creation { praxis } –

p r o p h e c y  of mutiplicities (post-Empire|cybernetic|objectification)
< on the basis ov other relationships to the world(s)-existence(s), ov embellished-metamorphosed organizations and cosmologies
… post-revolutionary time in action / making alive revolution·s possibilities, when in & out merge, from multiple phoenixes eyes >

 » (…) that the multiple segments of a movement remain multiple, while simultaneously weaving the necessary practical alliances.  » The Strategy of Compoition, Hugh Farell, Ill Will, 2023

through the lense of this universe, through the lense of your realm, as an extension ov biosphere, as an extension ov ourselves ;
independent production © Xen (futur autonomous wildtech lab-zone-swarm-constellation-utopia)

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/ complex entity : possibilities : mirror universe /



/ complex entity : chaos transition : time-space | universe-body /
2021 to 2025



from meta-terror to mettā-transcendence

– ongoing new extended short film⋅ ritual / transitional counter-program {praxis} –

                       {work transcription ov (Karma &) Chaos}

// film process ov defragmentation (→ meeting/making space for unknow and alterity to exist, facing deep inside connections results, learning from it, sharing out⟲)
with tools of musical script, dance reflexion, xen dialect co-creation & direct action contagion
a SFdocumentary, transhuman, artistic·imaginative·energetic and politic contribution to the


from below and pluriverse
 deeply acting on structural metabolized source(s) ov fear, domination, extermination
< an intense trip through tunnel.s ov quantum time, where beings from our new futur meet beings from our past futur, positivist science meets spirituality,
where our fictions stories becomes reality, rethinking art experimental experience as effective transmition +  medicine + radical action on the balance ov powers [ rapport de force ] >


by consciousness – co-rewiring – trance

  ⋅      defragmentation > coagulation|tissage > respiration-puissance-affects        



 » Dismissal is not to attack the institution first, but our need for it. (…) The gesture of dismissal is desertion and attack, elaboration and sacking, and that in the same gesture (…) « — Maintenant, Comité Invisible, éd. La Fabrique, 2017

↳ institution → △ (domination’s sophistication) | method → creative/radical/rhizomatic/technical/loud/smart/precise/uncapturable/unpredictable/unbreakable | process ov one cell (in a decentralized organization) → invent (=transformation) an aesthetic-strategy › build the networks › get autonomy › organise the wave › attack › desert ⟲ restart ➤ keep the movement moving


The Dismissalx are one ov the active cells ov the xenutopia, coming into our collective actual univers to redirect the collapse.
There is one thing essential to their power: the consciousness ov their particular VIBRATIONS ∿∿∿∿∿∿∿
This is our meshed base camp, from the torus ov the vital wild zones (mother earth’s warriors uprisings and organisations {with sorority-care-love truths}) to the matrix loop of the autophagic order (organized counter-revolution {with division-lie-repression techniques}).
It’s a new kind ov global GUERRILLA, opening possibilities. They are the warriors ov water earth fire air moving though your devices, energy coming to meet you.


                                                     < anima; breath, soul, the vital principle > < anima mundi >      


totalitarian power    ҉  destitution
domination code    ҉  destitution
atomic technique    ҉  destitution
mental conditioning    ҉  destitution
materialism + individualism    ҉  destitution
imperialism temporality    ҉  destitution
Empire rules & scripts    ҉  destitution
separation myth    ҉  destitution
univision paradigm    ҉  destitution
nomativity attraction    ҉  destitution
crystallization (rigidity)    ҉  destitution
objectification (reification)    ҉  destitution
ego supremacy    ҉  destitution
patriarcat    ҉  destitution
ungovernable, from all times and spaces,
for life, for love, for freedom,
y tod@s nos muert@s : we dance with the dance
This special script started at Festival de Cannes

but …
as we are currently [covid time] located inside A LOOPHOLE, both organic and techno eyes opened,
and as, let’s say it again:
the order [call it as you want Empire, capitalism, colonial modernity, whitepatriarchy, cosmosphagous world] work⋅s systematically and structurally as a cage for pets,
in this eco-techno paradigm shift; the agony ov a performed fiction
                                                   the agony ov neoliberalism
                                                                                        the agony ov neoliberalism [it’s a song]               
                                                    the agony ov neoliberalism
                                                     the agony ov neoliberalism,
AGAINST the cultural hegemony (political storytelling ov domination powers),
the alienating materiality ov representation (mediatic performative continuum ov legitimizing institutions creating paralysis),
thus assimilation (techno-colonial cannibalism of criticism theory / art institutions as neutralization organs ov liberation struggles)
and finally annihilation (total pacification : death ov vital energies),
because WE-I CLAIM domination is our ennemy and anarchism clarity (=no domination) is our essence > our way > our vision,
WE-I CHOOSE truth >> cultural self-determination >> Art implosion ;
Les DESTITUANTEX choose an autonomous (hacked + independant) production © + ©,
acting a collective and plural way out ov this (symbolic, institutional, politic) mourning,
reactivating our imaginative capacities, living now the begining ov our allied transmutationx


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/ complex entity : chaos transition : time-space | universe-body /



/ cyborg entity : ultrasound 2 : social body /

SCUM MUTATION is a personal and collective traumatic testimony in the flesh ov our time/generation, a call for a radical rupture ov our crystallized conditions.

Interview - Annecy International Animation Film Festival

institutional production ©
/ cyborg entity : ultrasound 2 : social body /



/ cyborg entity : ultrasound 1 : environment body /

PHARMAKON can't be chase out ov the social body, nor be erase by any authoritarian drones, it's an ever-reborn rhizome.

institutional production ©
/ cyborg entity : ultrasound 1 : environment body /



/ pandrogyn entity : plug : mirror recognition /

VNS is real life performance for survival, driving out ov control by the embodiment ov the alien they want to categorize you ov.

(alternative) school production ©
/ pandrogyn entity : plug : mirror recognition /


/ dream /

birth – death – birth

La nasse et la rame

Wild Dog Dreaming: Love and Extinction
– immaterial information –