We are living a global genocide …
But today, the wheel of revolution is widening.
The sound vibrates in the song of the world.
Deep to your wildest cells, you were already burned.
You were ready for this journey beyond the borders of the world.
You were ready to enter the fire, if this fire was reality, and to become the fire.
•                       art & revolution·s                       
    as queer anarchists
 internationalist revolutionaries,
o u r     e x i s t e n c e     i s     t o t a l
p e r p e t u a l     r a d i c a l    r e s i s t a n c e ,
and it’s pure beauty   
I express my refusal of an era that they would like to subject us to. We are among those who do not suffer, watching the disaster helplessly is unbearable for us. Our desire to repair the world and take care of the living opposes the rise of fascisms in every part of the globe. Revolutionaries carrying the oxygen of emancipation by solidarity are at home everywhere. We are everywhereWe exist, we resist, we honor life. Until the complete liberation of every creature.
 .      .  .  .  ..    .   . ..  .   .. 
   .      ..   …      .     .  .      .    .   
. ..     ..      .    .    .     ..  .
.  .   .  ..     . .      .    .
..    . .  .  .    . .    .  .
no futur new futur no time <


projection activation

– { collective praxis } –

p l u r i v e r s  ~  notopia/utopia/3rd way of multiplicities (coexistence of differences)
< on the basis of radicaly other relationships to the world.s-existence.s, of subversive metamorphosed cosmovisions
… making alive revolution·s possibilities here and now as a permanent and polymorphic process, from multiple phoenix eyes >


The sun lives in us.
As the night belongs to us.
Unfragmented, we are whole.
We are antidotes.

Our insurections are powerful and erotic

Our desire for freedom and our desire for each other intertwine, each nourishing the other.
>> We are our own stars of hope in movement.
ℑ   ··℘  —•ςo

W e      a r e      m a d e      o f      f i r e

« We have faith in the poison. We know how to give our whole life every day. »
>> We are the worst nightmare of this world of death.
And we are contagious.
direct xen subsistence inside entropy (autonomous production)
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


/ complex entity : possibilities : mirror universe /



/ complex entity : chaos transition : time-space | universe-body /
2021 to 2025+



from meta-terror to mettā-transformative action

– ongoing extended creation linking radical alternative experiments building/reaching free life :
Rojava revolution, Zapatista autonomia, informal european dissidencia
// guerilla cinema {from an xen/QUEER antiauthoritarian perspective-front}

a contribution to the


from below and pluriverse

The destituentx are part of the new revolutionary generation, the one of a youth standing against any forms of totalitarianism.
Destituentx’ first projectivity synthesis /anarchist*:
There is a war against the living, against any form-of-life of otherness. This meta-terror is called « progress », it’s an ideological construction. The remedy against it is « mutual aid » as co-autonomy. The enemy that feeds it (and depends on it) is the act of governance: capitalism and Nation-States, so patriarchy, so racism-colonialism-imperialism. The destituentx don’t want to reform this self-destructive and voracious system of domination, but to eradicate it, completely. The movement-gesture of destitution has no territorial nor time borders, the act of destitution is everywhere and here and now, it’s the necessary theory in the action. The collapse is not destiny; there are not only two alternatives (ecological technology savior or total system collapse with nothing more) as they try to put us into to pull down our will. Opposed to this there are alternatives by action, with full conciousness of who are the responsibles and of our destituentx collective strength. The hyper-technology is the main tool of the enemy, more than just a drug altering ourselves (counter-revolution tool), it’s a contradiction, behind it there is one class of control, behind every robots there are humans, made of simple flesh. Hacking the mega-machine is good, breaking it is a necessity. Once we stop being either complices or victims of their work of destruction of the living, the knot to be defated becomes how to « co-organise » our autonomous energies without betraying ourselves, our individual freedom and by breaking with all government behavior. The authoritarian blindness, as normativity, is both structural and metabolized, so the revolution is both on a political and a personal level, rebellion and life intertwined, a permanent struggle to dismantle all mentalities and cultures of domination with the critical and transformative help of otherness. In this battle we can’t fail. All our fights are the same fight, it’s our war which continues everywhere. It’s already dissolved in us, spread at each action, increased at each contact. No step back. Let’s learn from each others, keep the gaze of the free birds aggregating while keeping our feet in the furious weeds, being everywhere invisible under the moons and open to the rising suns, continually internal⋅external coherent, and ungovernable in every gesture. Its a story that continues, ours. Let’s destitute their wolrd before they destroy us. Let’s fully decide of our dance, the one for freedom, until the last movement.
In this battle we can’t fail, because our acts always prevail.

Destituentx’ second projectivity synthesis /feminist*:
In the fire, they planted a seed. At the heart of the seed, they drew a horizon, and fixed their gaze and their consciousness on it. They made the promise that the fire will never die. They made resonate their intention to live up to their dream of a free life together. From this perspective, they took their first steps on a long path, fitted with their love as a compass and their dignity as a shell. On this path, they nourished the seed and the fire every day, with each of their gestures, each thought, each word, each moment, each aspect of their life. Carried by this movment, they asked themselves: Who are we? What are we like? What do we do ? Along the way, they have searched for answers and solutions to these questions, how to achieve their vision and be able to overcome any obstacles that arise. At the first obstacle, umpteenth beginning of an umpteenth cycle of time, they gathered together. They brought together all their tones, their own colors, their desires and their passions. They asked themselves: What would our lives, the world, the worlds, be like if patriarchy had not existed? They searched in the foggy areas of their memories, they learned to see and move in the night. They told, weaved, linked their stories. So, they began to imagine the impossible. They wondered how to channel and organize these powerful and seemingly new energies towards their objective. They worked hard to apply their own answers to their questions by creating that world with their own hands every day. As so they initiated the first gesture of a large movement, of a great dance: they broke the circle of separation. They understood that this illusion was a poison, an error. They understood that nothing exists in isolation, but that everything exists in a conversation and not in a fight between different worlds, opinions, realities and experiences, and this at all levels of life. They put into practice this regained knowledge, namely to not exclude (themselves), to not isolate (themselves), to not erase (themselves), to not leave anyone behind, but rather to dismantle all borders, to open up , to know each other, to recognize each other, to create strong and deep bonds, to accept themselves, to trust themselves. By perceiving themselves as communal, social beings, they have broadened their conception of themselves. From these new relationships, they have been able to see that the patriarchy was organized and operated everywhere with different methods. But they also developed the awareness that each of them throughout the world carried an equal force, an equal fire, an ethic that has kept society alive from the beginning. By feeling connected to all the others, by recognizing the need to unite on a global level, they have forged a collective conscience and a sense of responsibility towards each other. They have identified their enemy, outside themselves and within them. To defeat this enemy, they chose to organize themselves, spread their fire everywhere and arm themselves on a daily basis. For the seed to grow, they had to learn to defend themselves and to take strong roots to cling to the earth. To become resistant to bad weather, they have built their self-defense capacity by understanding how they function as a whole. Thus they organized their self-defense on all levels: economic, material, ideological, psychological, emotional, social, health, cultural, spiritual. They based this self-defense on protecting their communal life, with all their heart, mind, body and soul, protecting the seed in the fire from their own fire. They refused to use the master’s tools, they deserted the system of domination and created their own alternatives and solutions. They knew that the destructive system would come and attack them to get back the loss caused, because it only survives at their expense. This is why they prepared their self-defense with such importance, spread it in society and responded firmly to counter-revolutionary behavior. They understood that the revolution began in mentalities, in this way no State could regain its hold on this strong base. Having lived this effective and powerful experience of continuous and autonomous education, they encouraged young people to do the same. By seeking not to betray their own childhood dreams, they were able to understand those children of fire. They understood that the burning fire of youth must also be protected and prioritized. Day after day, they plowed the soil, defeated patriarchy, liberalism, racism within themselves, and thus made space to let these new dreams grow. They collectively took care of these seeds of the future and supported them in their development with all their energy, with all their revolutionary fire. This attention and care could not be achieved without coherence, continuity, a complete interweaving of their theory and their life practice. As fire only maintaining itself by changing, they have learned to constantly reinvent themselves. Through intense and continuous collective analysis and criticism, they learned to seek and find solutions together, in order to be able to reorient themselves in an adapted and effective direction of struggle, strengthening any weakening fire. Through this co-empowerment, they continued to fuel their common fire of joy and hope, they pulled each other towards their common goal, considering their own liberation as important as the liberation of their sisters* and siblings. They revolutionized their coexistence, relationships, their friendships. They showed their love by sharing and growing together, no matter the difficulties. They made all the seeds grow in the fire, never stopped trying to create harmony. Facing a hegemonic grip fragmenting and lacerating absolutely everything, their alternative response was immense and as beautiful as a proud flower worthy of its thorns in a abundant garden. Their revolution was holistic, ecological, destined to last, to grow, to self-sustain, in diversity, care and the capacity for self-defense. Their revolution, based on life itself, was eminently cultural. They worked, with their own signifiers, to implement their revolution, their other world made up of multiple other worlds. They became transmitters of revolutionary circulations, bridges between times, musicians bringing different languages, bubbles of reality, regimes of truth into dialogue. Art was a powerful tool that they were able to reappropriate in a revolutionary perspective by moving beyond simple spectator abstraction, and by fully embodying it. They understood that each firebird should have the precision and sensitivity of an artist, otherwise their life would be deficient, false. Through this axis of life, they have learned to be a force of initiative, not to underestimate themselves, to develop their abilities buried for too long in the cold ember. They blew, blew together on the fire in order to create a culture of life. They have never been alone on this path, nor in this animated breath of the world which carries and caresses them. They fought the erasure of their existence with the slam of their powerful steps, they invoked the worlds in their dances. The fire, enjoying itself there, intensifying by waves, never ceased to remind them of their continuity with a dense and precious history. They remembered being the revolutionary inheritors of a melody wich transcends time, of a work with countless creators and ancestors. From these life lines, they learned that with faith and courage, fear was only a mirage, thus they achieved a deep solidity within themselves. They walked, danced, and walked again in the footsteps of their elders. They were nourished by their experiences, their knowledge, their fighting spirit, their will, their perseverance, their love of freedom and life, their joys, their humility, their strengths. The fire roaring in this recognition, they chose to show themselves worthy of their struggles and their dedication by bringing these sparks to life within themselves, in the spirit of the greatest utopias. In the history of social values and resistance to oppression, by understanding this history as a non-linear fluid, their lives reached a great depth. They understood, and above all felt, that with the multiplication of these deep connections everything was possible. By organizing and defending these values, they made the fire so hot that the patriarchy could only burn itself trying to extinguish it. They joined their hands, invoked their histories, and affirmed with all their beings, convinced to their finest conscience, that another world was possible and that they would win this fight for life. They carried the most difficult seed to grow, they carried hope. On the threshold of extinction, they chose struggle and love, and they knew how to carry this dance to the end. They honored life, looking it straight in the eye, and saw themselves there, because they have always carried the world within them. They had not lived, they had burned like flames. They were wise, lucid and warriors. They wrote History themselves. They were the weapons.
This (hi)story is ours.
The destituentx arm their desires and passions,
through liberation and solidarities actions with hearts and spirits which cannot be conquered.


 » Destitution is not to attack the institution first, but our need for it. (…) The gesture of destitution is desertion and attack, elaboration and sacking, and that in the same gesture (…) « — Maintenant, Comité Invisible, éd. La Fabrique, 2017

↳ institution → △ (domination’s sophistication) | method → creative/radical/rhizomatic/technical/loud/smart/precise/uncapturable/unpredictable/unbreakable | process of one cell (in a decentralized organization) → invent (=transformation) an aesthetic-strategy › build the networks › get autonomy › organise the wave › attack › desert ⟲ restart ➤ keep the movement moving

The Destituentx are one of the active cells of XEN•TOPIA, here to redirect the collapse in the face of the owners.
There is one thing essential to their power: the consciousness of their particular collective vibrations ∿∿∿∿∿∿∿ the revolutionary circulations.
Our mesh base camp is the torus spine of the vital wild zones of water·earth·fire·air uprisings and revolutions against the matrix loop of the cosmophagous order (organized counter-revolution).
They emerge at one point at one time for collective (formal) big waves but always in a specific self-determined (informal) form inside an archipelago-constellation of other small autonomous self-organized affinities, agile mobile dynamic, evolving smartly in interstices, hard to see hard to catch, self-regenerating by metamorphosing.
It’s a new kind of global GUERILLA, a guerilla of pleasure within radical and creative emancipation, ends and means interwoven, opening unknown possibilities.

Above all, the Destituentx have no fear … and will show you this key of existence. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

                                                     < anima; breath, soul, the vital principle > < anima mundi >


atomic technique    ҉  destitution
 totalitarian power    ҉  destitution
cybernetic alienation    ҉  destitution
Empire conditioning    ҉  destitution
Empire material and immaterial spaces    ҉  destitution
Empire temporality, rhythm    ҉  destitution
Empire rules & scripts    ҉  destitution
Empire topics-desires-priorities    ҉  destitution
univision paradigm/normativity    ҉  destitution
dehuman*ization    ҉  destitution
separation myth    ҉  destitution
ego supremacy    ҉  destitution
pacification & crystallization    ҉  destitution
reification (objectification)    ҉  destitution
technological religiosity-trap-softpower    ҉  destitution
cognitive bubbles    ҉  destitution
unethical life    ҉  destitution
xenophobic mentality    ҉  destitution
North cannibalism    ҉  destitution
gerontocracy    ҉  destitution
capitalist ideological and material system (the hydra)    ҉  destitution
patriarcal ideological and material system    ҉  destitution
racist-colonialist-imperialist ideological and material system    ҉  destitution
States and any form of governance    ҉  destitution
any form of domination    ҉  destitution
until the Empire of domination is naked-inoperative





Today and every day to come, we will turn our anger, the fear and sadness that the system tries to use to stop us, into strength and self-defense.
We will do this for us and all our adelphes …
from all times and spaces,
for dignified and free existences,
in the path of our ancestors,
for our companerxs de lucha,
for those who are still oppressed,
for our adelphes after us,
for todxs nos muertxs,
all living in our fight,
fully in our trust, rage, passion, lucidity, pride, determination and courage:


Hurry to play, to stand, hurry to know why _ Hurry to dance, to love, hurry to feel that _ Hurry to take my hand, to arm y•ourself – prepare – attack! – Gioia! _
Now you burn as an endless flame, so bright _ Vibrating in a sky of infinite shooting stars, divin _ Knowing how this life triomph fills rising suns, so calm – gioia  _
Take presence back here – presence back here – back here  _
This special script started at Festival de Cannes


but …

as we are currently [covid/post-covid time] located inside A LOOPHOLE, both organic and techno eyes opened,
and as, let’s say it again:
the order [call it as you want Empire, capitalism, colonial modernity, whitepatriarchy, cosmosphagous world] work⋅s systematically and structurally as a cage for pets,
in this eco-techno paradigm shift; the agony of a performed fiction / AN IDEOLOGY;
                     the agony of neoliberalism
                                                          the agony of neoliberalism                                     
                      the agony of neoliberalism 
                       the agony of neoliberalism, 
AGAINST the cultural hegemony (political storytelling of domination powers),
the alienating materiality of representation (mediatic performative continuum of legitimizing institutions creating paralysis),
thus assimilation (techno-colonial cannibalism of criticism theory / art institutions as neutralization organs of liberation struggles)
and finally annihilation (total pacification : death of vital energies),
because domination is the problem and anarchism is a relevant solution > our clarity > our way > our vision:
The Desituentx choose truth >> cultural self-determination >> Art implosion
by institutional desertion
and attack,
cutting the head of the hydra,
acting a way out of this symbolic·material·politic coercion,
reactivating fully imaginative capacities > living now the begining of our allied transmutations
/ complex entity : chaos transition : time-space | universe-body /



/ cyborg entity : ultrasound 2 : social body /

SCUM MUTATION is a testimony in the flesh of our time/generation, a stand for a radical rupture of our crystallized conditions, in resistance: always, hope.

institutional production © Le Fresnoy – Sutdio national des arts contemporains
/ cyborg entity : ultrasound 2 : social body /



/ cyborg entity : ultrasound 1 : environment body /

PHARMAKON can't be chase out of the social body, nor be erase by any authoritarian drones, it's an ever-reborn rhizome.

Aux serpents des mers, Aux os broyés des grands bassins, Aux faces enfuies dans la terre, Aux existences prises dans la solitude, Aux corps en camouflage, Aux tissus contaminés, Aux contacts qui soignent, Aux puissantes rencontres, Aux flammes dans les yeux, Aux « jamais libre si tu ne l’es pas », Aux étreintes qui perdurent, Aux fleurs sur les bas-côtés, Aux abeilles et aux frelons, Aux enfants indisciplinés, Aux fourchettes du zbeul, Aux métamorphoses, Aux corps inassignables, Aux talons aiguilles provocantes, Aux poils doux dans les niches chaudes, Aux veilleuses dans les chemins, Aux pieds nus sur les bris de verre, Aux barricades de papier enflammées, Aux cabanes sur les eaux, Aux sans-abris pour respirer, Aux histoires oubliées des grands récits, Aux douloureuses privations de parole, Aux lucioles des mailles profondes, Aux complicités ardentes, Aux brûlures des sœurs, Aux intimités violées, Aux enfants qui ne viendront plus, Aux muselières dans les prisons, Aux yeux arrachés, Aux ossatures qui ne pourront plus jamais danser, Aux désespoirs où il n’y a plus rien à perdre, Aux espoirs prêts à tout sacrifier, Aux oiseaux de la tempête qui approche, Aux amitiés dispersées


institutional production © Le Fresnoy – Sutdio national des arts contemporains
/ cyborg entity : ultrasound 1 : environment body /



/ pandrogyn entity : plug : mirror recognition /

VNS is real life performance, driving out of control by the embodiment of the alien they want to categorize you ov.

(alternative) school production ©
/ pandrogyn entity : plug : mirror recognition /


/ dream /

birth – (2014) death – birth ~

La nasse et la rame

Wild Dog Dreaming: Love and Extinction
– immemorial sensitive information –


we will love each others furiously until the end


Utopia is a revolutionary weapon.
For impossible, improbable things to happen, you have to risk imagining them. Then, to make them alive.
Let’s sow powerfull seeds and deploy our wings, become the utopia, with full intensity.
« Only joy will be uncontrollable. »
A force that will multiply the creative impulse of the revolution a thousand-fold.
Defend your right to enjoy life.
Obstruct capital’s death project.
The latter can only enter the world of creativity and play by transforming who is playing into a ‘player’
the living creator into a dead person who cheats themselves into believing they are alive.

All power to the imagination in action!